Bad news is Good news

Why do the media outlets keep publicising all these IS beheadings? Why do they keep scare-mongering and feeding their propaganda? Why? Because sensationalism sells, that’s why! Media moguls don’t want a society that is free, they want a society where they are free to make money!

If I was a young Muslim radical on the verge of extremism, seeing these images would make me think, “You know what? Those guys are winning. They’re the winning team, I want to win too”.

And why doesn’t the government step in? You can go to prison for comments made on Twitter, Facebook, for videos on YouTube. Why doesn’t the same rule apply to newspapers?? The media is quick to remove nude celeb photos, because heaven forbid we piss off Hollywood for fear they no longer grant us interviews and help us sell our tabloid!

“Put a graphic beheading image on the front page? No problem!”

“Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence? Woah, woah, woah, that’s too far! Have some decency!” (I’m not saying they should put nude pics up, just get the hypocrisy)

Politicians and businessmen have been in bed together since the very beginning. We all know our leaders and newspaper editors are like two peas in a pod (David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks anyone?) Help sell my products, I’ll help fund your campaign.

Bad news is good news for them.


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