Racists are lazy

I never really understood why the word ‘Paki’ is used as a racial slur against brown people (in the UK at least). Why does it have to be a derogatory term? It’s just an abbreviation! If you’re from Australia, you’re an Aussie. If you’re from Britain, you’re a Brit. So why all of a sudden is someone from Pakistan not allowed to be called a Paki??

Even to this day I still hear it in the streets, and all I can think to myself is, “Is that the best people can come up with?” Never mind being offended, I’m insulted they don’t put more effort in! Am I not good enough for them?! What’s happening to this country? Don’t we even have proper racists anymore?

I don’t even blame the guy who first came up with the word; I blame the guy that decided to take offence to it. That guy ruined it for everyone! If it was me I’d be like, “Paki? Is that the best you got? Dude, we’re going to be in your country a long time, you’ve got to try harder than that!”


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