ISIL/ISIS/IS, whatever

Ok, so say ISIL/ISIS/IS, whatever, get their way and the whole world follows Islam, then what? No more Christians, no more Jews, no more SpongeBob SquarePants, whatever the hell it is that they want. Now what do these jihadis do? Back to the day job? Did they even think this through???

Ali: So, I’m all set! Mission for Islam, ready to fight the infidel! Who do we attack first? America? Israel? Am I going into combat training? When do I get to fire a rocket?

Mustafa: Actually, we’re all set. The mission’s pretty much over

Ali: Come again?

Mustafa: Yeah, we won. We took over the world, everyone’s a Muslim.

Ali: Everyone?!

Mustafa: Yeah, dude, everyone. You’re a bit late!

Ali: Oh…

Mustafa: Yeah

Ali: So… So I guess I better get back to my admin job at the bus station… God, I got to pick the kids up from school, get some milk on the way home. I wasn’t planning on being alive, you know?

Mustafa: No rest for the wicked, eh?

Ali: You sure there’s nothing I need to blow up? Can I blow up a bus at least?

Mustafa: Hold on there, Wile E Coyote. Let’s take it down a notch. You want to blow something up; you take your ass down to a construction site and join a demolition company. We don’t need anyone freelancing in public now, capiche?


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